“The CEO (whether new or old) is the link between the organization and the outside of society, economy, technology, markets, and customers. Inside there are only costs. Results are only on the outside. ” (Peter Drucker)

When you move into a new job for sure there is some degree of uncertainty that things may not work well for you. You will be faced with a challenge of strategic alignment and speed of execution. The degree of uncertainty tends to be high if you are moving to a highly competitive sector. Do not forget the employees of the organisation you are moving to are also worried that they may lose their jobs because of the changes you will make. The failure rate of new CEOs in new position is also quite high. Your performance in the first 100 days is crucial as all the key stakeholders will be watching you for signs of success or failure. You have to remember that all key stakeholders have high expectations of you. They expect you to perform far better than your predecessor otherwise there is no reason for change.  You therefore require the capacity and experience to succeed in the new position.

To help you in overcoming  the challenges of the new office, we have assembled a team of experienced current leaders and former CEO’s who will  facilitate the program and at the same time share with  you some practical tips of how you can fit in your new position with minimum stress. The program outline will include the following;

  • Background information
  • Key challenges of a CEO
  • CEO mindset
  • Current state assessment
  • The focus areas
  • The key resources
  • The Kitchen cabinet
  • CEO’s radar screen
  • The CEO’s bus
  • Communication
  • Lessons learnt on the don’ts
  • Take away

For further information on the above program, please feel free to contact us.