We are still continuing with our encounter of abnormal behavior which prevents many people from succeeding in life. I am sure you may not want to associate yourself with people with abnormal behavior for fear that your image may be messed up. The continuing list of common examples includes the following;

Sleeping in the office

Most   organizations do not have a policy on taking a rest in the office during working hours. It is therefore quite awkward for one to enjoy the nap in the office while others are busy working. It is better to ask for a few hours off to go home and have some rest.  In case you have a privilege of a private office you can close your door to take a nap for a few minutes after lunch.  But remember taking a nap in the office tends to send a wrong message to your colleagues.


Eating from a saucepan

I am sure you do not expect this person to act differently when in public places. He will try to act funny by messing around with utensils.  Many people do not appreciate that each type of utensils   has a particular purpose and it cannot be used for all purposes.


Piercing your body

Most organizations may not take you on as a staff if you over do it.


Eating soil as food          

This behavior makes you popular in the media but may not in work places. If you have the habit you better keep it confidential.


Walking or sitting on fire

I have had of people walking or sitting on fire.  I am sure you will find it difficult to adopt the practice. Some people may find it difficult associating with the people  with capability of  walking or sitting on fire for various reasons.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited





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