We are still continuing with examples of abnormal behaviour which prevent us from succeeding in life. The common abnormal behaviour includes the following;

 Excessive anger

Anger is a habit which can make you act as if you are a mad person.  Many people do abnormal things when they are angry. The anger of annoyed person causes fear and panic in the mind of other people. People will tend to keep away from people who are easily annoyed.


I do not care attitude

The show off attitude can interfere with your relationship with other people.  The show off attitude is quite often an embarrassment to your colleagues in the organisation. Many people hate associating with people who have this type of attitude.


Shouting at people

This is when you talk loudly to other people.  When people are annoyed they end resorting to shouting. Shouting at people is quite annoying to the people being shouted to.


Not responsive to other people’s requests

You will quite often be approached by others with a request for some actions on your part. The normal behaviour is for you to confirm receipt of the request and to give an indication when, if at all, you will take the action as requested. Keeping quiet is not normal behaviour and it annoys many people. To succeed in life you have to attend to other people’s requests to you. You must be always willing to respond to other people’s requests.


Risk taking

For you to succeed in business you have to take some level of risk that you can competently  manage. I do not think you can manage a risk like   taking a ride on the back of a crocodile.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited


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