We all tend to have or possess some abnormal behaviour which prevents us from succeeding in life.  Our behaviour   drives away people from us instead of attracting them to us. Our abnormal behaviour makes it difficult for people to deal with us.  We have therefore to run away from our abnormal behaviour which interferes with our journey to the world of success.  The common abnormal behaviour includes the following;


The person displays superiority or self importance complex among colleagues which tends to interfere with   the person’s relationship with other people. Arrogant people quite often hide their lack of competence behind the arrogant behaviour.


Shabby person

There are people who are naturally shabby in dress and look. The shabby look and behaviour will for sure drive away useful contacts which one may need in order to succeed in life.


Obnoxious behaviour

Obnoxious behaviour refers to displaying very unpleasant behaviour which negatively impact on your efforts to achieve your mission. The picture shows the behaviour of a group of tourists.


Not listening to others point of view

If you want to succeed in life you have to do more listening than talking. There is a tendency of some people talking without stopping to listen to the feedback from others. They think people love listening to them and their view point is the best.


Abusive behaviour

Using insulting language when you are addressing others will affect your relationships with those others. To succeed in life you need to attract and surround yourself with an effective and winning team. You cannot create a winning team if you use abusive language.




John Muhaise Bikalelmesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited



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