If yes then stop blaming anyone for your failure as you are 100% responsible for your success.

Have you quit living? Are you stuck and you cannot move forward? We cannot achieve success when our lives are stuck on pause and in the blaming mode. Being stuck in life creates a great opportunity for you energize yourself and move forward

Are there red flags of potential failure in your journey of life?
Yes there are red flags and the following are signs that your life is not on success highway;

Complaining, blaming and condemning
Do you ever find yourself in life blaming, complaining and condemning others for your failures in life, and then you start saying I wish I was like so and so. Stop the practice and start developing a positive mindset towards   different life situations.


Fear creates panic and robs of positive mindset towards different life situations. We cannot think independently and rationally when you fear is in control.


Fear comes in because of lack of information to decide the way forward.

Your productivity is on decline
Many at times you may find you are no longer as productive. Being up and down is your performance is quite normal. Whenever you are down find courage and strength to move forward.

Are you sitting on the fence?
Are you giving excuses for sitting on the fence? Are you waiting to start when you retire? Are you waiting to accumulate cash? Start now and not tomorrow.

Depression and Stress
When you find you are stressed, everything comes to a standstill, don’t allow stress to ruin your life, be happy, smile, do some exercise, engage with your friends and meet new people.


Quit often we are negative in our lives due to the negative affirmations we make of ourselves. Replace negative affirmative with positive affirmations.

Do not get stuck in the past
Are you over concentrating on your past failures? There is little we can do on what has happened in the past? We can however use our past failures to succeed in future.

Staying in a comfort Zone
Quit often we don’t want to embrace change in our lives, we want to stay where we feel we are more comfortable with, ring a bell, accept change in your life and move forward. There is nothing as painful as being stuck to where you don’t belong.

Remember every single event in your life, especially difficult situations give you lesson to learn and find ways of overcoming them, become strong and move on.


Kasemiire Agnes Akiiki

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