Winning does not come easy as it requires a lot of preparation to face and overcome challenges. You need a positive approach to life in order to  face both successes and  challenges. You must be prepared to fail in order to win. You learn of ways that do not work through failing.

Right tools

You have to  use the latest presentation tools in order to win. Very old tools like computers and software may have a lot of challenges.  You have to live an image of modernity and of very knowledgeable in application of presentation tools. Old IT tools like the one below will not work for you.


 Team spirit

You have to demonstrate a team spirit in case you have proposed a team for the task, The audience want to see the chemistry among the team members. They want to see the various roles being played during the presentation.


Your knowledge of the sector.

The audience often wants to know what you have  done for the sector . They are interested in your sector knowledge which can help them to move forward.


Be practical

The audience is looking for practical  lessons from you and they least they expected is a text book type of presentation from you. They want to know how you overcame challenges and how you prepared to win. Theoretical presentation always send the audience to sleep


Be free

Do not present as if you are in a prison. You have to drive away your fear before you appear on the stage. The freedom in presentation often goes with experience. If you are not free then you are putting your experience is doubt.


Have fun

The audience expects some fun. I have seen a lot of light moments at funeral services . Why not at your presentation? You have to give the audience a smile so that they can continue listening.  When there is a bit of fun the audience is quite attentive.




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited



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