The board has become very important in setting the direction for growth and is a powerful driver for the sustainable success of an organization. The roles and responsibilities of directors are becoming more demanding and complex for board members to handle without adequate knowledge and experience of the business environment. The board members are expected to understand the various reports tabled before them for approval forgetting that some of them are highly technical in nature!

It is also important to note that various key stakeholders of organizations are also putting a lot of trust in the directors to carry out their roles and responsibilities in such way that their interests are met.

In order to cope with the above, the directors should be equipped with knowledge and skills which will enable them to competently carry out their responsibilities. They have to develop a living strategy, appreciate the prevailing business environment and the hot issues. They have to appreciate how business risk and opportunity are different sides of the same coin and how to manage both.

We have developed a board capacity enhancement program with the above issues in mind. The program has the following highlights which we expect to meet most of your capacity enhancement needs at both board and senior management levels.

  • Introduction
    1. Board search
    2. Board engagement contract
    1. Roles and responsibility of the board
    2. Obligations of the board member
    3. Board committees
    4. Board evaluation
    5. Corporate social responsibility
    6. Board guidelines
  • Entity’s legal and regulatory  framework
  • Corporate governance structure
  • The strategic and business plans and implementation
  • Performance evaluation and risk management
  • The core values of the entity
  • The board and information technology

We have assembled a multi-disciplinary and highly experienced team that will facilitate you through the above program. The team has also the capacity and experience in developing tailor made programs responding to the training needs of your organisation. For further information on the above and other programs, please feel free to contact us