Business security is key for organisation’s survival

Success in business often comes with a lot of challenges including security challenges. Organisations should ensure that the key resources like human resources, technology and business processes are continuously protected against attacks. The continuously availability of the above key resources ensures an interrupted supply of goods and services to customers.  Therefore organisation should consider the importance of its security as a protection against criminal elements in society.  Organisations should be on alert and vigilant because of the following challenges;

  • Increased terrorist attacks
  • Adoption of IT has exposed organisations to IT attacks
  • Volume of data
  • Sharing of information through the internet
  • Increasing business sabotage
  • Increased industrial espionage
  • Possibility of fire outbreaks and other disasters
  • Number of frauds committed by staff are significant

An organisation can only protect itself against the above risks when it has adequate information about risks and the capacity to prevent them.  We have assembled a multidisciplinary team of business leaders and security experts to walk you through the above issues so you can appreciate the extent of damage to your organisation in case of lapses in your security system.

The outline of the program is as follows;

Global trend

The current state of business security

Top management support

Business risk and strategic plan

Top business security exposures

The human element in business security

Business security mitigation strategy

Practical tips

The benefits from attending the above program will include sharing of information with other participants and practical recommendation for immediate implementation among others.

For further information on the above program, please feel free to contact us.