My journey in bee farming

About a year ago an idea of bee farming to produce honey for commercial purposes came to my mind. I have a small mixed farm with a forest of eucalyptus, palm and other local indigenous flowering trees. I also grow various crops including bananas, maize, cassava, coffee, rice, papaws, guava and various greens for both

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Tree farming

Tree farming is the process of planting a large number of tree seedlings and maintaining them until they mature into mature trees. The mature trees are harvested and applied to various uses. How to Plant a Tree Trees should be well spaced to provide space for them to full mature in height and size. Young

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The Tomato is believed to be native to the Americas from as early as about 700 A.D.In the 16th century, Europeans were first introduced to tomatoes which were greatly welcomed in Southern Europe. Though the British admired the tomato for its beauty, they believed that it was poisonous because its appearance was similar to that

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Pumpkin is a large trailing plant with yellow and bell-shaped flowers. The origins of the pumpkin can be traced to the southern regions of North America and the northern regions of South America that is central Mexico, Columbia and Yangtze valley in China.  Growing of pumpkin has become popular of recent among farmers in many

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Millet as a staple food in Africa

Millet is a staple food crop for a number of countries in Africa. The grain is drought resistant and it is a useful crop in any soil even ones with little nutrition. This makes millet an important stable food for most countries of Africa. . Origin of millet Millet grain originated from Asia and Africa

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Sweet Potato

The sweet potatoes which came from tropical America are grown mainly on small scale as stable food in most parts of Africa.  The sweet potato is a starchy and sweet tasting tuberous root vegetable. Sweet potatoes have a creamy texture and a sweet taste that makes them nice to eat. Growing of potatoes They can

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Cassava as a Cash Crop

There are two types of cassava the sweet cassava and the bitter. The bitter cassava can be used for human consumption but going through a process to reduce cyanide, a poison contained in the bitter cassava.Cassava is a plant which produces starchy tubers underneath. The skin which covers a white flesh is generally brown in

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