It is time to light your candle

Why do you think you were created? You were created to succeed in life in order to live this world better than you found it. I am sure you were not created to enjoy yourself without working.  You are not created to fill the world with children who have no care. You were not created

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Has fear imprisoned you for life?

I know a number of people who have been locked up in prison for life by fear. They are scared of coming  out of the prison even if you open the gates for them. They need our help to overcome fear in order to continue with their life journey. You will find the following quotes

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Do not suppress  your anger

Anger is neither good nor bad depending what you do with it. Anger can produce positive results if properly handed. Trying to stop anger can hurt you  and can cause diseases and even early death.  It is a mistake to presume that kindness, compassion, love, and fairness line up on one side of a continuum,

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