Irritating habits by staff at work

Before you read this article, think about how you behave at work. Are you that person whom people are happy to see when you reach office, or you are that person whom people start cursing inside by your presence? The work place can become a frustrating place by irritating habits of employees, yet one is

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Attracting right employees

Young graduates like working with organisations with powerful brands which will enable them to develop their career. They are convinced of success provided they associate with high profile organisation and people. The high profile organisations give the employees a platform to brand themselves for success. The aspects of an organisation which attracts good staff include

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Effective Team Building

Effective Team Building Team building is about building a cohesive and effective team to deliver the mission of the organisation. People working in a team environment deliver better results than the sum of the individual members of staff. The team achieves enhanced performance as a result of sharing their expertise and trust and support to

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How to get staff commitment

Commitment is a level of connection that a staff has towards the organisation. The questions to ask yourself include the following; Do they feel that they are part of the organisation? Do they feel wanted? Do they feel that the organisation recognises their importance? Tips on staff commitment There are different ways you can use

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How do you turn on your employees?

  Motivation are circumstances that cause people to act in such manner that leads to achieve personal and organizational objectives. This will only happen if employees understand the mission of your business. They have to be committed to the achievement of the mission of the organization as motivation comes from within each employee What can

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Planning for Your Retirement

Retirement is the point where a person retires or leaves formal employment or retires from active management of his or her business and goes to do other private/personal work at his or her own pace. Retirement   from very active life is part of our journey of life and it should therefore be included in our

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