Having children is a gift from God, as we are co-creators with God.

We have a duty to love and teach our children and bring them up in the right way. We have to bring up responsible future leaders and parents of   our world.

True love for our kids seriously means teaching them the values they could apply even when we are no longer with them. They have to be independent responsible citizens capable of living life on their own.

Quality and wise parenting prepares the children to handle the challenges of this world.

Be mindful of the programs you install in the children’s mind. You should give children only messages which will enable them have a positive approach to life.

Remember whatever you put in the children’s mind will be reflected in their behavior and way of life

Do not punish your children when they make mistakes as we all learn through our mistakes. Help them not to repeat the same mistakes in life.

Always show them love, but this does not mean that you stop disciplining them. Use a stick and carrot approach when dealing with the children.  Promptly reward them for their achievement and discipline them for the failures in life.

In summary you have a responsibility to raise children who will be responsible leaders and parents of tomorrow.

Most of the things that you do for your children are forgotten except those they are made to do for themselves give them learning experiences that stay with them.

The most satisfying things in life are to see your own child confidently moving on and overcoming the challenges of life.


Kasemiire Agnes Akiiki



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