O lord Master of the Universe, comfort of the afflicted

I come before you today, to praise and worship you Lord

I thank you Father for the gift of life, family and friends

I thank you for always being there for me in all circumstances

Lord you’re my comforter, Lord you are my loving savior

I can never live without you my Lord

When I am feeling down, Lord I pray that you comfort me

Oh lord comfort me when I’m feeling afraid and worried,

Oh lord comfort me when I’m sick, hungry, and sad.

When am weary and helpless, Lord give me hope and strength

When I am Lonely, Lord hold me by your mighty hand

Continue upholding me Lord and walk along with me on my journey of life

Don’t leave me alone to be swept away by the enemy, cross the oceans with me Father.

As I am going to rest tonight Lord I surrender my life and all my plans into your hand

Take full control of my life, cover me under the shadow of your wings, in your name I pray. Amen

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