To succeed in life you have to be determined and focused on what you  want to achieve. Determination is being firm on the goal you want to achieve. A determined person knows exactly where he or she is on the road to success, knows where he or she wants to go and has developed a strategy of how and when to reach his or her goal.

Determination is a motivator

Determination or firmness of purpose will motivate you to move forward to success as you clearly know where you are going.


With determination all is possible

With determination there is no for  an answer. You always see some light in the tunnel to guide you through and every challenge has a silver lining.


Determined people have a lot of faith

You have to have faith in the Master of the Universe  that he will walk along while  guiding you all the way. You have to have faith in your capacity to succeed.

Qualities of determined person

According to Dr. Carson, determined people have the following qualities:

  • They focus on what they have rather than on what they don’t have.
  • They experience and exhibit gratitude for what they have.
  • They are realistically optimistic. They accept their present circumstances and they make the best of it.

Challenge and failures on the road to success

You will be confronted with many challenges and failures as you march to your world of success. What will make a difference in your journey is your determination to succeed. With your determination you will be in position  to overcome all challenges.


Strategy to move to success

Success does not just happen out of nowhere, it comes from a strategy to succeed supported by strength of character.  Determined people apply the success formula as they march to their world of success.


In life you can get what you want provided you have the determination to get it.


Atwijukire Deborah

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