The people are the most important asset of the organization. They are the only living aspect of the business. They manage and control the resources of the organization. They implement all plans of an organization. But the same people often feel that they are not being treated as the most important asset of the organisation. They feel that the organizations they belong to do not understand them and their input in strategy formulation is not wanted and yet they are the ones who will be called upon to implement the strategy. This leaves the company vision and mission only in the hands of top management yet it should be engraved on the heart of each staff member to enable effective implementation. The rest of the staff keep running along with top management even when the company strategy seems to be headed to a dead end. What is the use of your staff running along with you if both of you are heading to a dead end?

Developing a living strategy refers to the process of strategy formulation which involves the human capital in the strategy formulation under dynamic environment. The strategy is then translated into implementable organizational actions so as to achieve strategic goals and objectives.  The aim of the strategy is to give an organization a competitive advantage in terms of performance.

We have developed the following capacity building program with the aim of equipping your team with the current knowledge and tools for developing a living strategy;

  • The Strategic Planning Process
  • Linking the strategy to customers
  • Creating an environment of high performance
  • What can go wrong in strategic planning?
  • Strategy evaluation
  • Practical tips

We have assembled  a multi-disciplinary and  highly experienced team with the capacity to take you through the dynamics of developing an all-inclusive strategy that will move you and your company to another level of performance. Our team is also avail to facilitate you during the strategy development and implementation phase.  For further information on the above and other programs, please feel free to contact us