What customers’ impression do you create in the minds of your customers?  Do customers feel welcome to the organisation? Have you set up systems to facilitating customers? Do the customers feel that they are harassed whenever they approach the organisation for service?  Are customers taken as a kings or as intruders in the organisation?  Do you view your  customers  as encroachers   to your business? Do you create heaven or hell for customers whenever they are in your organisation? Does your organisation create an impression which make customers feel at home whenever they establish contact with the organisations. Do your staff know their role  towards customers matters a lot as it will make a difference between  success  and  failure of an organisation.

Positive approach

You should have a positive approach to your customers with the aim of working with them to overcome their business challenges. Customers come to your organisation looking for solutions and not additional challenges.


You have to know your Customers

You cannot serve and meet the needs of customers who you do not know very well. Therefore you have to set aside time for interacting with your customers in order to establish their needs. You have to appreciate the challenges which they face. This will enable you to produce goods and services  which meet the needs of the customers. You will also need to establish various platforms which you can use to access your customers.

Empower the Customer

Give as much information as possible about your products and services to the customers. The customer should be equipped to be recruited as ambassadors of the organisation to bring referral business to the organisation. When customers are well treated, they will bring a lot of referral business to the organisation.


Atwijukire Deborah


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