Despite the challenges you could be encountering in your life, God has not yet forgotten you,

He is going to change your life forever

He alone is gone to wipe away your tears

He alone is going to break all the bondage that is holding you

Broken things can become blessings if you allow God to do the mending

he is a God of comfort, he heals the broken heart, What ever situation you are going through God is giving you everlasting freedom.

Believe tonight that God is freeing you from poverty to wealth all you need is ask him to give you wisdom

Believe that your life will not remain the same

Whatever the enemy has stolen from you is gone to be restored let it be wealth, health, love, success, happiness, hope, marriage, business, strength.

And all the seed that you will plant tonight will germinate and you will have a full harvest.

Whatever your hands touch will be blessed; all your plans will succeed

Our God is the beginning and the end, the giver of everything.

May each you receive the blessings of God according to his glorious riches in heaven and we bind the enemy from stealing your blessings.


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