The first impression you make during the interview is very important. It has to be an impression of smartness and self confidence. The first judgment an interviewer makes on you will be based on how you look and what you are wearing. It is always advisable  to put on a professional  attire when you are attending  an interview. The way you dress can enhance your interview presentation. Your dress should enhance the message you deliver about your abilities.

Recommended Men’s Interview Attire

  • Suit (no shouting colors)
  • Long sleeve shirt (white or stripped shirts)
  • Leather belt
  • Marching  tie
  • Socks which marches for suit
  • Professional hair style
  • A good mobile phone
  • Clean Hankies
  • Trimmed nails
  • Briefcase
  • Marching shoes

Women’s Interview Attire

  • Suit ( no shouting colors)
  • The suit skirt should be long enough so you can sit down comfortably
  • Marching ladies bag
  • Marching  moderate shoes
  • Clean handkerchief
  • Marching  blouse
  • Limited jewellery
  • Limited make up
  • Briefcase


The way you dress can define who you are.




Atwijukire Deborah

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