Often times you jump out of sleep two hours after going to bed or fail to sleep for long hours because of your actions. The things you do an hour or less before going to bed have a huge impact on the quality of sleep that you will get.  Good sleep benefits your heart, weight and mind.

Tips for a good sleep

Do not take a lot of fluids

If you take too many fluids before bedtime, your sleep will be interrupted by late night bathroom breaks.  However don’t go to bed thirsty as you may also wake to drink water in the middle of the night. Keep a balance.

Caffeinated drinks

The contents of caffeinated drinks may keep you awake for longer reducing your total sleeping time.


Watch TV or surf the Web

The bright light of the TV, computer or smart phone does not help your sleep. It keeps you awake for longer.


Tough talk

Having serious conversations with someone is not advisable before bedtime. If you disagree, you will take longer to sleep and then end up sleeping angry.


Reading a suspense story

A suspense story is very involving for the reader. It will take your mind into deep imagination of what happened after. If you have to read, find the most boring book. Your sleep will be assured.


Sleeping with pets

They will want to jump on you, run around the room before and later in the night. This can make you keep awake for longer or lose sleep in the night.


In conclusion,

“Sleep is a fascinating field. Every Single organ in the body can be affected by sleep and can be improved by it.” –Jaime Boero, M.D., Ph.D.


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