We live in a world of scarcity and yet we are surrounded with abundance. On one side people are dying of hunger while on the other side food is being thrown away. In one area of Africa it is raining too much while in the other part it is a desert. There are more resources in the world than the people can consume.  The resources may not be our reach physically but we can get them if we make up our mind. With a positive mindset we can create the world of abundance around us.


How to create an abundance mentality

Create abundance mindset

What you have in your mind determines whether your attitude is positive or negative.  The positive attitude opens your door to the world of abundance. In the world of abundance it is possible for people to live in harmony. The negative mindset does the opposite of the above.


Plant the right seeds

You can create heaven or hell on earth depending on the seeds you plant. The world gives us back in accordance to what we give. Be the reason for other people’s happiness, share encouragement with those who have lost hope and always give  your love to others. By doing so you are sowing the right seeds which will bring you happiness, hope and love in abundance.


Count your blessings

Be grateful for what you have and capitalise on what you have to succeed in life. When you focus on what you have it grows bigger and that is what abundance is all about.




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited


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