A clean street in Kigali City , Rwanda

You can live in a clean or dirty environment   depending on your mentality. With scarcity mentality you will tend to do very little on the environment and the blame your failure on lack of resources. With abundance mentality you will have a positive approach to life and you will do all within your power to improve the environment. For sure if  you  cannot afford to  the luxury of  employees  to clean  your environment you will  clean it yourself  after all  you  are partly responsible for making the environment  dirty. With abundance mentality , it is possible to overcome all the challenges around us.


Celebrate every achievement

If   you develop a mentality to celebrate every achievement,   you will   work so hard to achieve success so that you   can celebrate.  Create a success celebration mentality and you will achieve whatever goal you aim at.  I remember introducing  in the firm  I worked  for a high tea at my cost  to celebrate  major wins   and the  staff worked so hard to achieve the  wins  in order to  enjoy the high tea. The exercise became fun as win after win were announced.   I had to ask the firm to meet part of the high costs as the wins became quite many for me to finance.


Always look at the light in the tunnel

In our life journey we will meet many challenges which we have to overcome in order to move forward.  Every challenge has a soft part which can start with in order to deal with the challenge. The challenges may create darkness around you but always look for the light of the stars, glowing worms and singing of the crickets.  In the process  you will develop a determination to move forward following the light you have spotted.




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited



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