The worst thing for someone to have is the disease of fear. There are some people who fear anything on earth. They fear insects, lizards, cockroaches, dogs, cats, strangers, darkness and even being alone. They are living in maximum prison of fear.  The fear in them of entertaining fear in their mind has become a reality.  Fear also comes about when someone refuses to become a master of his or her own destiny. Fear comes in when you fail to recognize that you are 100% responsible for your success.  They depend on others and blame others for their status in life.


Lack of knowledge can cause fear

Fear is sometimes caused by lack of adequate information and knowledge on some aspect of life.  Many of us do not know much about death and therefore we fear death. Many of us cannot venture into the forests because we have been told by other people that it is very dangerous as evil lives in the forest.  But you forget that pygmies who are people like us live in the forests and timber we use is also got from the forest.  Forests are also frequented by hunters looking for wild game to kill. Therefore the absence of knowledge can cause terrible fear in someone’s mind.

You can only get your freedom when you overcome fear

You can only have genuine freedom when you have overcome your fear. People who are faced with fear are not free at all. They fear to move around both during the day and at night. Their offices and homes are barricaded in order to stop the causes of fear coming near them. The people are dominated by fear surround themselves with excess security.


Face fear if you want to overcome it

The only way you can overcome fear is to have faith and confidence and face it.   If you fear dark just walk in the dark. At fast you will be very scared but after sometime you will realise it is not as dark as you thought. You come to realise that there is some light from the stars and glowing worms. You come to realise there is fresh air and the world around you is quiet.

I used to fear swamps and forests until I realised I was missing   Aframomum africanum fruits and no one was willing to share with me what they harvested from the forests and swamps. They told me to go and get mine. For sure I got a spear and a panga and ventured into the forests and swamps and harvested fruits and ate to my satisfaction.


Therefore if you want to overcome fear just face it with faith and courage.


People who do have fear cannot take bold steps

If you fear you cannot take any bold steps. As a child I was scared of heights.  As a result I could not enjoy the best ripe mangoes up in the mango tree and I could not harvest jackfruits. I was a laughing stock until I took a bold step and learnt how to climb trees.  I started enjoying the best mangoes and jackfruits after overcoming my fear.


You are responsible for your own fears

You have to take the bold step to overcome fear as you are the one who has given it comfortable accommodation in your mind.  You have to forcibly remove fear from your mind in order to regain your freedom.  You have to develop a positive mindset towards various life situations.  You have to remove negative thoughts or ideas from your mind and replace them with positive ideas.




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited

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