I have had many dreams in life unfortunately I have not kept a record of them. I am sure the list of dreams is to long as I dream every moment in life. I had  two choices namely of chasing on all my dreams or focusing on one or two dreams where I had some advantage. I got an advantage of knowing how to make money when I was still in primary school and therefore I chose accountancy as my career to lead me to success.  I believed somehow I would be successful as an accountant. For sure I do not regret my decision and I chose the same career if Master of the Universe gave me another chance. To succeed in life you have  to chose a mission in the area where you are both gifted and you have a passion.

How do you decide on the areas you are gifted on and you have a passion?

This is quite simple get a pen and a paper write down all the blessings and gifts which you have. A number of them are obvious but be careful as there are many blessings and gifts which are a bit hidden and you have to discover them. Some people just discover their blessings by chance.  To complete the list may take you days. After completing the list then do another exercise where you tick off those blessings and gifts where you have a passion. You will realise the list is now very short possibly with a few lines on a page.

You now know a list of areas where you are both gifted and at the same time you have a passion.  You are now left with exercise of prioritising your list to get a list of areas where you can easily succeed. You have to be careful as areas where you are gifted and you have passion may not be in line with your training. Do not be disappointed as training gives you the knowledge and skill you will require at different time in your journey of life but may not make you succeed in life on its own.


Focusing enables you to get the best results

In life you only get the best results when you focus your full attention on dealing with the challenge. The results are even better if you are focusing on a mission which is in the area of your gift and passion. There is extra energy which is generated from within to push you forward   when   you are dealing with a challenge in the area of your gift and passion. This what Tiger Woods, golfer says;


Focusing enables you to move forward towards the target

Focusing on your mission enhances the chances of achieving the various goals or targets you have set up for yourself to achieve during your journey to the world of success. You are able to achieve your target because you are not distracted by other things as you move forward. For example you cannot win 100m race if your mind is divided between your race and observing what the spectators are doing.  To win the race you have to focus your mind 100% on running towards the finishing line.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited




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