Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection or understanding   between two or more people. We  get friends for different purposes and therefore friends should have different qualities . For example the  qualities of friends  should include the following;

  • A loyal best friend
  • A fearless adventurer
  • An honest confidant
  • A wise mentor
  • A friend from a different culture
  • Opposite-view friend
  • A friendly neighbor
  • A work friend

Purpose of friendship


In friendship many small and big agendas can be handled. There is normally no specific agenda. The  agendas under friendship are dedicated  by  the issues at hand.

Provides safety


Friendship provides a platform for handling many challenges of life. It provides a bouncing board for parties involved.  Free advice is often provided under the umbrella too.

Duration of the friendship


Friendship is about someone who has come and has stayed in your life.  The period of stay varies but those who stay longest  are true friends.

Gift of friendship


Do not forget there are many people in the world who are lonely and they have no one to talk to and share information. Remember to thank God if you have a lasting friendship.


Kushemererwa Julia

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