Lord, eternal Father  you are beginning  and source of everything in the Universe

You are the giver and protector of life

You created us in your own image to be in charge of your earthly creation

All that we have and all that we are and all that we see were given to us from you Lord

Father you  trusted  us to rule the world in accordance to your guidance

We thank you for your abundant blessings on us

We will continuously thank and praise you for the unconditional love to us.

Because of your love you attend to all our requests

You continuously protect us from our enemies

We thank you for the wisdom you have given us to deal with challenges

We thank you for being with us at all times for you are a true God

With you nothing can shake us

We surrender our bodies and souls into your hand as we are going to rest tonight, protect us, protect our friends, protect our families and protect all your children across the world.

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