Lord almighty Father

I desire to be in your Holy presence

I desire to hear your Holy voice

I desire to be in my life

Lord I call upon you to come and take control of my life

I surrender all my burdens into your hand


When I am weak, you make me strong

When am hopeless, you give me hope

When I am lonely, you give me comfort

I rejoice in you Lord

For you love me unconditionally

For you are my mentor, protector and sole provider

You are always with me and I trust you will remain in me

Teach me and guide me to keep your commandments, so that I may have a better relationship

Teach me to love and care for others

Let your will be done

Use me to be a blessing for the glory of your name

Guide me to use wisely the resources you entrusted me with

Guide me to fulfill my purpose and mission in life

Bless all the work of my hands and grant me peace and protect as I am about to rest to night.

In your Holy name I pray. Amen

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