There are so many people in the world who are faced with life challenges which they cannot overcome on their own. The challenges include hunger, floods, drought, outbreak of infectious diseases, challenges of old age, poverty, and ignorance among others. We are expected as good citizens of the world to uplift, inspire or give to people faced with challenges without expecting to be appreciated.  You should not help other people to overcome their challenges with a hope you will get appreciated. Some people have got hurt and others lost their lives in the process. The peace we are enjoying is at the expense of those who have sacrificed their lives for us to have the peace.


We can create heaven on earth

 It is our choice to create heaven on earth where we are all living happily together. You do not build a wall around your house to protect yourself against the perceived risks from your neighbors. You are worried that your neighbors have many challenges and therefore can do anything including attacking you to overcome. Why don’t we work with our neighbors to solve their challenges without expecting to be appreciated?


We can overcome most challenges if we make up our mind

We have created most of the challenges in the world through failing to address the causes of poverty, disease and ignorance. We cannot therefore turn around and cry bad luck. We can address these issues if we made up our mind to do so. Let us make a first step on individual basis and together we can overcome the challenges if we focused on them.


We get more satisfaction through helping others

 We get more peace in our mind when we help others to overcome their challenges. Through helping others we improve our personal profile and Master of the Universe gives more resources to spend on others. God gives some people more resources because he knows they will spend them on others.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited




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