Commitment is a level of connection that a staff has towards the organisation. The questions to ask yourself include the following;

  • Do they feel that they are part of the organisation?
  • Do they feel wanted?
  • Do they feel that the organisation recognises their importance?

Tips on staff commitment
There are different ways you can use to get staff commitment and the following are some of them;


Recognised and respected
Staff should be recognised and respected in order to enhance their commitment to the organisation. This what Ben Simonton says;

“TURNED ON people figure out how to beat the competition, TURNED OFF people only complain about being beaten by the competition.”

Walk the talk on staff matters


You have to take action in implementing what you say in order to secure staff commitment.

Recognising the achievement of staff
Promptly recognise the achievement of staff both at work and outside work places.

Improve communication channels with staff
Staff should be regularly informed of the progress they are making towards the achievement of the organisation’s mission


Staff welfare programme
The organisation should create a conducive environment which promotes maximum output out of staff.


You have to recognize the key role played by staff in linking the organisation to the outside world in order to get their commitment.


Kasemiire Agnes Akiiki

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