First and foremost your child must be able to present his or her view point to others at school, at home, in prayer places and in the community. You cannot get what you want unless you learn to communicate your needs to others in an acceptable form.  You can encourage your child in telling stories, giving a report on an activity and presenting his or her views on a challenge. The world tends to reward more those who have the ability to effectively present their view points to the target group. This is also supported by the holy books as follows;


Guide your child in programming his or her mindset

The child should be able to appreciate that he or she has a lot of potential to make the world he or she lives in a better world. You should let your child discover things at home and the environment.  You should be mad when a child makes a mistake. We all learn and become better citizens through our mistakes. Remember this is the time your child’s mind is being programmed.  You have a choice to guide your children in the programming mode of either positive or negative mindset. Avoid copying and pasting your mindset into the children’s mind even if you have a positive mindset.


Show your child there that every challenge has a silver lining 

Your child will meet a lot of challenges and frustrations in life. They have alt of emotions and feelings both positive and negative. You have to guide your child in developing a positive approach to life but not through spoon feeding. The child must appreciate the two ways at looking at life that is the positive and negative.  The fact we learn a lot through life challenges must be made clear to the child.  And that challenges also present us with opportunities for us to exploit.


 Teach your child the formula to success


Your child must understand what it means to succeed in life. It means having sustainable resources to accommodate normal expenditure and savings plan.   You have to make clear that success or failure in life is each individual determination. No one can force you to succeed or fail if you have not made up your mind to succeed or fail.


Teach your child a problem solving formula.

Your child must appreciate that the life journey is full of ups and downs. I am certain life without any challenges will be very boring. We learn a lot through challenges.  A child must understand that challenges are there to be overcome. There are no impossible challenges as the impossibility is in our mindset.  The challenge can be overcome using different approaches.


John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited




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