Dear Master of Universe

Thank you for waking up to see a new day

A day I should understand that I am better than wildlife

You look after all wildlife with all the care for my sake

Flying and crawling

Walking and sliding

Jumping   and hopping

All of them without discrimination

You keep nature balanced otherwise my life would be in danger

All that for my sake.

You gave me control over all wildlife

I have the power to terminate their life

You have allowed me to kill wildlife and enjoy their flesh

To use their skin for my clothing

I feel very happy that you have done all this for me

I have not paid you any price for your work

You have done all that because of abundant love for me.

Dear Master of the Universe

Give me the wisdom during the course of today to appreciate your love for me

You took six days preparing the world for me

And yet I find it difficult to spare a moment for you

Teach me not to take life for granted

But to be grateful to you the rest of the day

Thank you, Thank you Master for making me better than wildlife.







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