Lord almighty father, you created me to succeed in life

You gave an endowment of resources to use for the purpose

You created me with a mindset to focus on success

But quite often I complain and blame you for my failure in life

Lord I fail to recognize the fact that you made me a controller of the resources on earth and a co- creator

I fail to thank you for giving me power over the other creatures

Most of time I keep blaming others yet I am 100% responsible for my life in accordance with your plan

I think others are there to paint my world and to make me succeed

Lord now I have realized that I have to fulfill my purpose and mission in life

To leave this world better than I found it

Lord open up my mind to see opportunities among challenges

Pull me out from my prison of ignorance and fear of failure

Help me to develop a positive approach to life

I surrender all my plans into your life

But this requires wisdom; it’s upon this that I call upon you to give me wisdom

Lord guide me to use the wisdom for your glory

Walk along with me on my journey of life

In your mighty name I pray. Amen

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