I expect my journey to success to be full of successes and challenges. Both successes and challenges energies me to move forward. I like the adventure in a journey.  A journey not spiced by both successes and challenges cannot be called a journey. I know clearly in my mind   I need a positive mindset which will enable me to celebrate successes and to overcome challenges.


Discouraging people

I know I will meet many discouraging people who will advance many reasons for me not continue with my journey to success. They would wonder why I am embarking on a lonely without their company. They will even suggest to me to wait for them so that we can move together to the world of success.  I cannot wait for them to move together in a team. I am 100% responsible for my success and the people discouraging me cannot walk my journey.



Waiting to laugh at me when I fail

I know some people are waiting to laugh at me when I fail as they think from one word my dreams are too big to succeed. They are prophets of doom as they expect the worst for me. They think I am just playing games and not serious.  I know I do not have to convince anyone when I start my journey to success. I do not any approval from anybody. I just need to believe in myself and have a determination to move forward. Laughing at me will make me work harder to prove them wrong.


Fear of starting at a small level

I know there will be giants in the area of my dream. I am afraid of starting small.   The big players will look at me as no body.  They can even kill my idea. There people over there waiting to still my idea.  However deep in my mind I know the giants of today started small. I also know to get chicken you have to start with eggs. With determination and belief in myself I know I will succeed in life.  I also know you cannot succeed through stealing people’s ideas.




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited




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