To succeed in life you have to design, implement and maintain your road to the world of success. It implies therefore that you have a clear picture of the state of the road including its possible challenges.   It becomes extremely difficult for you to give up on driving or walking on the road you have designed. Many people tend to give up because they have not designed and implemented their roads to the world of success.

Lack of clear mission

Quite often people do not have a clear mission in the mind. They have not painted their world of success. You cannot succeed if your mission is not clearly painted in your mind.


Negative mindset

Your mindset is a key determinant of whether you will succeed or fail in life. The negative mindset leads people to fail in life because of lack of positive approach to various life situations.



The failures in life tend to quit as soon as they are confronted by life challenges as they do not have the stamina to move forward and overcome them.


Basic Fear

Many people fail in life because of the various fears they have in their mind. They key fears include the following;

  • The fear of poverty.
  • The fear of criticism.
  • The fear of ill health.
  • The fear of loss of loved one.
  • The fear of old age.
  • The fear of death.


The above fears can be overcome with positive mindset.


Many people who fail in life have the habit of putting off or delaying action for no apparent reason. They order for unnecessary studies and reviews of the issue at hand in order to buy time.  They may even implement none urgent issues at the expense of the urgent ones.



Many people do not have the determination to move forward despite the challenges on the way. They cannot persist to carry on with the walk to success in the light various life challenges.


Wrong selection of partners

Success comes about as result of wonderful and coordinated team effort. The lack of coordination automatically leads to failure in life. For example there is no way you can achieve success if partners cannot talk to each other.


Lack of adequate governance structure
Relationships between a company’s management, its Board, its shareholders, and other stakeholders are not clearly defined.  The objectives of the company are not clearly set, and the means of attaining those objectives not clearly defined and monitoring performance criteria is not determined.  The company for sure will fail to achieve its objectives as a result of the confusion.


John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited

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