Capital is the money or other assets you can use to start a business.  The money can come from various sources including personal savings, inheritance, family and borrowing. You can borrow from friends, family, savings and credit societies and banks. Many people who have succeeded in life did not have much capital in money to start with. What is the secret then? All of them had plenty of capital in the form of other assets. This enabled them to come up with very profitable or bankable ideas which they used to access money whenever they required it.


Other assets

There are other important assets which you require in order to succeed in life which include the following;

  • The God given five senses
  • The positive mindset
  • Special skills
  • Personal determination
  • Experience within the family
  • The acquired  wisdom

I have noted most people who succeed in life do not have much money to start off but had plenty of the other capital assets.



Success in life is a personal choice which one makes and no one can succeed in life until he or she makes that choice.  You cannot force someone to succeed or fail in life.  Therefore do not blame anybody for the situation you find yourself in as you deliberately chose it.   There are two roads in life which you can choose from, a success road or a failure road and not both. Once you have chosen the success road   then you follow the success formula. You cannot succeed in life if you have chosen a failure road. Remember what you put in mind becomes a reality.


The success formula

I have personally experienced everything I am talking about in this article. I did have much money capital to start with but I had plenty of the other capital assets which I used to the very maximum in order to succeed in life. To simplify the road to success for those who want to succeed in life I have come up with the following success formula.


Success in life is simply a personal choice followed by deliberate effort to implement the success formula. I wish you the best if you choose to succeed in life.


John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum advisory Services Limited


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