Normal people fail to succeed in life because of their own fault. They are the cause of their own failure. They fail to take a journey path to the world of success. They opt to fail in life through sitting on the fence and watching other people successful walk their journey. They are scared of starting   their journey to success. There are many reasons why people fail in life and in my view the following are some of them.

Programming of mindset

You cannot succeed in life unless you have programmed your mind to focus on success. It is the mind which drives you and me to success or failure in life. Remember whatever you put in your mind becomes a reality. It is not late to succeed in life just refocus your mind to success and start immediately walking your journey to success.


Spoon feeding

Some people fail to succeed in life because of too much luxury under which they were brought. They did imagine of programming their mind to success because they are living in the success world of their parents or guardians.  Many people tend to forget that they cannot inherit the successful world of their parents unless their mind is focused on success. Without focusing your mind on success you will waste all the resources left behind by your parents.


Have not gone through the world of hardship

Success in life means hard work and determination to succeed. You have to overcome challenges in order to succeed in life. Some challenges will temporarily bring you down. You have to stand up in order to   continue moving forward until you succeed. You have to move forward without ever giving up until you succeed.  You cannot succeed in life unless you have been exposed to hard work and determination. Some parents and guardians do not want to expose their children the same challenges they went through. They want their children to have very comfortable life. Comfortable life is created and not inherited.


Fear to succeed

Some people have a lot of fear in them about success. They do not know where success will take them. They do not want to abandon their colleagues who are not living in the success world.  They think success will deny them their happiness! They imagine the situation they are in is the most ideal one.  They are too lazy to overcome fear.


The forces around you when you were growing

Some people fail in life because of the forces around them when they were growing.  Were they developmental or none developmental?  Many people are unsuccessful because they belong to the world of people who are not developmental. They have so much bondage with the   world of unsuccessful people to the extent they find it difficult to leave it.  One requires   a lot of determination to break away from the group. I remember when I was growing up a few of us were going to school and the majority were not bothered.  We would meet some other kids playing and enjoying themselves when for us we were heading to school.  They would laugh at us thinking that we were wasting time.  They would encourage us to join them and play.  For sure it was difficult to be in class when the rest of the kids were enjoying themselves. I continued in school for fear I would be punished both at home and in school if I did not attend school. They wanted me to succeed in life. In the end I started enjoying the school because I could read and write. I became a reading and writing expert in the village at the time.




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited

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