Leadership perse is not an honour but a position of responsibility to serve or guide others in the organisation or community you belong to.  As a leader you should  look at the bigger picture of your  organisation as you are responsible for the  delivery of  its mission. The team you work with will succeed or fails depending on he way you lead them. You are the one who know the mission and how to deliver it and the rest are supporting you.

You get people to perform

You role as leader is to inspire your team to come up with   innovative and creative ideas in order to achieve the best results for your organisation. Your team has to be focused on the achievement of the organisation’s mission. The achievement of the mission is the team’s achievement and not yours alone.


Take your team to the next level

Everyone in the organisation wants to succeed in life.  You have to implement a win win formula in your organisation. If you want the employees to make your organisation succeed in its mission, you have to make them succeed in their individual careers.  You have to take your team from one lower level of performance to the highest level of performance.


Do not seek for self publicity

Your role is to inspire or guide a team to succeed. It is a team at the centre of success and not you.  Give your team the publicity to inspire to succeed. Remember when your team succeeds, you also automatically succeed in your mission.


Empower your team

Your team must have the mandate and the power to make decision and move forward without constantly referring to you for approval. You have to sharpen them through tailor made training aimed at equipping them with the necessary skills for decision making. But you should always remember you cannot delegate your responsibility for delivering the mission of the organization.


Positive approach to life

You cannot be a successful leader unless you have a positive mindset. You should instil in the minds of the team members a positive approach to the various life challenges they encounter in their daily work.




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited




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