Leadership is the proactive ability of an individual or organization to lead a journey in a smooth and efficient way from the current unsatisfactory state to a new and better future state with the support of an inspired staff team. In the light of the above, an effective leader is responsible for the following;

  • Creates an inspiring vision
  • Motivates and inspires people
  • Manages delivery of the vision.
  • Coaches and builds a team.

It is however important to note that the leader of today is increasingly facing the following key among others;

  • Decisions are becoming more complex
  • There many sector changes
  • The an ending war for talented human resources

As a result of the many challenges leaders, we have developed a leadership program that helps the participants to sharpen the leadership skills in order for them to become effective and successful leaders. The program includes sharing practical tips on the positive mindset which is a common denominator for all successful leaders. With a positive mindset a leader is able to embark on the journey towards personal or organisation vision. The following is the outline of our program;

Background information
Leadership common denominator
Leadership and management
Leadership in 21st Century
Acquiring the leadership mindset
The journey of an effective leader
Leadership and success
Leadership team building activities
Take home tips

The program is facilitated by a team of experienced leaders from different backgrounds.