While marching on your road to success you will meet many challenges and obstacles all aimed at either stopping or slowing down on your march to success.  You have to appreciate all the developments you see in the world today are credited to people before you who overcame challenges and moved forward. You have no choice when faced with challenges except to move forward.

You are a master of your own destiny

You are a King or Queen in your palace or world of success. You are the designer of your palace why do you then allow people to destroy your world. You designed your world of success basing on your mission and you subsequently developed or painted a roadmap in your mind on how to achieve your mission. It is not possible then for someone to block you. You can be blocked if you allow some people to develop for you a mission and to draw a roadmap to follow.  Also avoid using other people’s missions and roadmaps during your journey to success.


Your own mindset

You can also block yourself from success when you wrongly program your mindset. You are at liberty to program mind ether positively or negatively. You will have blocked yourself if your mindset is negatively programmed.



Do not make relationship with people who will pull you down. The world is full of people who celebrate in people’s failure and they feel bad when one succeeds. Be care therefore when you are selecting your friends and team members. Surround yourself with people who will lift you high instead of pulling you down.


Do not take a ‘no’ for answer

In life do not take a ‘no’ for answer as a ‘no’ meaning end of the road does not exist. There is always light in the tunnel.   Look for the light and always believe in the following;


Your road to success

Why do you allow yourself to be blocked when you are an architect of your own road to success?  If the road is blocked quickly design and construct a new one. Work around the clock to find an alternative if you are permanently blocked. Alternatively you can use all your energy to bulldoze yourself through the road block.


Also do not forget the road to success is always work in progress and it gets completed when you have fully achieved  your mission.





John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Executive Director

Big Drum Advisory Services Limited


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