Through life you are exposed to both challenges and successes that will make you learn in order to become better in life. Without both experiences life would be very boring.  As you enjoy life you should remember that the Master of the universe can recall you any moment.  You have not been recalled because you still have unfinished agenda.  Once your passport to be on earth is withdrawn, you will be gone forever and never to be seen again on earth.  Therefore do not waste any moment but enjoy life as your clock is running towards the finishing line.  Please remember you have to reach the finishing line in accordance with the plan God has for you.

Create your world

To enjoy life you have to create both your world of success and the road taking you there. In this way there is no way you can fail to know the type of world you are  walking to. You can with certainty know whether the world you have created  is either  heaven or hell on earth.  It may look stupid but go to the bookshop buy yourself pencils and colours and start painting your world. Painting and fixing the future in your mind guarantees you success in life


You must enjoy life in its different forms

Do not create any excuses for not enjoying or facing life in its different forms. You should face or enjoy life as it presents itself to you.


Do not afraid of failure in life

Failure in life happens for a purpose. Failure proves that you still have life in you. People who do not make mistakes are no longer with us on earth as they have crossed the bridge. Failures also teach you a lot of lessons from which you can improve yourself to perform better. We all learn through our mistakes. It is impossible to succeed in life without failing as our failures create opportunities for us to succeed.


Life gives you an opportunity to challenge yourself

In life you can achieve any mission provided you make up your mind to achieve it.  You can program your mind to have a ‘No ‘for an answer.  You can challenge your mind to overcome all challenges. You get maximum pleasure if you overcome challenges where people had doubts about your capacity. Through challenging your mind you can prove all doubting Toms wrong.


Do not cry over poured milk

Do not go to life with a fixation in your mind of finding life quite easy. Life is never easy. Look at the opportunity side of every challenge life gives you. Do not waste time arguing with life because you will never win an argument with life. For example if you find yourself in the middle of the lake start fishing and forget about farming of crops.




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited


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