• Life is about climbing hills after hills
  • Life is like crossing swamps after swamps
  • Life is like going through forests infested with snakes and poisonous insects
  • Life is like crossing a national  parks full of lions and other dangerous animals
  • Life is like crossing savannah with sharp thorns and itchy grass
  • Life is a journey which requires proper planning
  • Life is a journey for the courageous and persistent individuals
  • Life is a journey for those determined to cross over at any costs

At the end of the journey the winners have to give accountability to the Master of the Universe who will honour and shower them with the highest award in positive approach to life.


To be a winner you must be prepared to fight many battles of life. Today is the day to start your journey to the winning line.

Mandela arrived from prison

Mother Teresa arrived from the slums of Calcutta

Martin Luther King did not make it but his followers carried on until the finishing line



Author: John Muhaise-Bikalemesa,
Director Big Drum Advisory Services,

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