The light from a candle is a sign of joy and of life-giving power. The light can bring about serenity, focus and comfort to other people.


Light a candle whenever you are in the dark

There are times in life when you find   yourselves in the dark and you become scared of the darkness.  You can simply chase away the darkness by lighting your candle.


Help in lighting other people’s candles

Some times in life you will find people in darkness because they do not have fire to light their candles. You lose nothing by using your candle to light their candles

Candle bring Joy

Instead of the light from your candle burning to bring light and joy only to yourself, use it to spread light and joy to others.


Light can light the world around you

A light from a candle can be seen from a long distance and it will direct people to you to help you when you are facing challenges. Keep your candle burning to guide other people to where you are.


Make your world brighter

You can only make your world brighter by increasing the intensity of light around yourself.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited




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