Lord allow your holy ear to listen to me

You are the source of everything

I call upon you to come and take over my life

Lord come and live in me

Let your holy presence break all the bondages in my life

I have been hijacked by fear of failure in my mind

I don’t believe in myself anymore

I have lost confidence in myself

I feel weak and weary

Lord help me to develop a positive approach to life

Guide me to make right decisions which will enable me to succeed in life

Lord I put all my hope and trust is in you alone

Thank you for unconditional love

Thank you for your blessing

I pray that you continue to protect me from the hands of the enemy

Lord I ask you to guide me as I move along my journey of life

Lord give me the wisdom to overcome my challenges in life

Give me the stamina, determination and persistence to carry on with my mission in life

Lord bless me today and use me to do your will. Amen

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