“Your past does not equal your future.  What matters is not yesterday but what you do right now.”

Success is putting your mind to an ambition and achieving it and this comes when you a look at tomorrow not today. So think about what the future holds for you in order to be successful.  So success is to achieve happiness by fulfilling your goals.


Learn what you can from any bad experiences and move on. Learn from your failures and apply your lessons to what you can do right now to move towards your desired future.

In order to enhance your chances of success in life, make positive changes right now despite yours failures in the past. You have to keep moving towards your desired goal. Each step forward may get harder as you move towards your goal but keep moving until you achieve it.


Think about anything in your past that you would have liked to change if you could. Then make positive changes so that your future will look brighter than ever before. Always feel free to share what changes you are making with others to ensure that your past does not equal your future.


Do not spend too much time thinking about the past. Life is not meant to be lived backwards


Atwijukire Deborah


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