Thank you Lord for our protection throughout the night

Thank you dear Lord for our lives

Lord we have not paid any price for ourselves

Yet we are enjoying it because of your great mercies

Thank you for your unconditional love for us

There are many challenges Lord which we are facing

We have challenges of diseases

We have challenges of   poverty

We have challenges of   ignorance

Lord we are in the prison of challenges

Lord mercifully look at us and free us from these challenges

Show us the way towards you as you are the source of solutions

Give Lord your wisdom which we enable us to overcome the challenges

Lord bless our plans and make aligned to your master plan

Let our plan Lord lead us to you

Heal us Lord from diseases which are making us weak

Open  our  eyes to see the light from you

Open our ears to   listen and understand your guidance

Lord we pray that what we plan to do today may be done for your glory


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