I thank you Lord for all your continuous blessings and unconditional love  I receive from you

Lord today I pray that you make realize why you created me

You created to achieve sustained success in accordance with the master plan you have for me

Lord give me wisdom to prepare a plan which is in accordance to will

The wisdom to  develop a positive approach to life

The wisdom to help me to make a choice to succeed in life

The wisdom to help me drive away fear of failure

The wisdom to develop the determination and strength I require to succeed

The wisdom to know I am 100% responsible for my success

Lord  erase all the negativity in my mind  and replace it with positivity


Lord shower me with blessings to succeed in life

Open up my mind to see opportunities where there are challenges

To see light where there is darkness

Guide me to make wise decisions

Lord I pray  for your blessing despite  my transgressions

I believe Lord you created me for a purpose

Guide me to fulfill my mission and purpose in life

Lord use me to do your will

Fulfill all my heart’s desires according to your glorious riches in heaven. Amen


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