Oh Lord the Master of the Universe
Creator of all things living and non living
Lord I thank you for my parents
In a special way I pray for my mum and my dad
They are dear to me
I thank you for this wonderful gift
Lord you gave me without asking you
I would not ask Lord as I was not yet created
Lord thank you for putting me in your master plan
Without my parents I would not be on earth
They took care of me when I was too young to look after myself
They protect me against the diseases of hunger, poverty and ignorance
Lord without them I would not be what I am
I thank you for the wisdom you gave them to look after me
I thank for the strength you gave them
I thank you for the determination you gave them
They kept alive to this moment of saying thank you
They walked their journey in bringing me up
Lord forgive them for many faults against your command for my sake
Lord have mercy on those who have completed their journey
For my living parents Lord give them your grace and wisdom to see the right path to you
Lord I pray at the end of my journey I will unite with my parents
To praise you and glorify you.



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