Lord I come in your presence today

I feel unhappy because I have failed to understand myself

I can’t love myself anymore

I am no longer a source of happiness

Lord I pray for your presence in my life

I pray for positive reprogramming of mindset

I need develop a positive approach to life

Let me not continue grieving over my past mistakes

Help me Lord to move forward

Let your light shine upon me today

Let me see a new beginning bringing joy and happiness to my mind,  Lord

Let me be 100% responsible for my life


Let me use every moment of my life for the good of everyone

Let me not be a problem to others because of my own failures


Teach me how to live with others in happiness

Lord I choose to be happy and I affirm to live a happy life

Lord shower my happiness into my life today and let others find happiness in me

I surrender my life into your hand as I am going to rest tonight, take full control

Let me rest in your happiness Lord and help me to awake with hope

Bless me now and forever. Amen

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