Lord Almighty you created me to succeed in life

I come to you Lord seeking for your guidance and wisdom

Lord I need the wisdom to understand my responsibilities

Lord I have been spoon-fed by many hands, I can’t think of my own

I need to grow up in mind

Every time I keep thinking other people will be there for me

Lord give me the courage and determination to make my own decisions

Lord I desire to stand on my own and face life

Give me the courage and stamina to move forward

Give me the wisdom to overcome challenges

Remove the fear of failure in me Lord

You created me alone Lord, with body, soul and a mind

You have given many gifts which I have kept idle

Lord teach me to use my mind to full capacity

Let me use my gifts wisely to be able to succeed in life

Let it be known to me that I am 100% responsible for my own life

Lord I have been blaming others for my failure in life

Lord I have been blaming you thinking, it is your will for me to be in a state of failure

Lord I ask for forgiveness, I have come to realize my mistakes

And I thank you for all the gifts, the blessings and the unconditional love despite my messes

Lord I ask you to guide me and walk along with me on my journey of life

Grant me my heart’s desires Lord and use me to do your will.

For the praise and glory of your name.  Amen

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