Lord I thank you for being the source of every blessing

I desire your blessing upon my life

Thank you Lord for all the immeasurable blessings you have given me

I am who I am because of your blessings

You have given me all your blessings without conditions.

Lord wash me in your river of mercy so that I can receive your blessings

Lord cover me with your blessings

Lord let me use the blessings for your glory

Let your light shine upon me,

Let your love fill me,

Let your strength  sustain me

Let your sufficiency be my portion in every need I face.

I ask you to bless the work of my hands as I serve you in accordance to your will.

Lord I pray for your blessing of your daily presence in my life

Lord continue to make me a channel through which your blessings can flow

Lord make me  a blessing to others for the glory of your name.


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