Almighty Father, King of glory

I thank you Lord for this wonderful day

I thank you lord for the gift of life

I thank you Father for all my accomplishments

I entrust you with my life

Lord I surrender all my plans into your hand

I believe you are planning the best for me

I know and believe you are creating a brighter future for me

I trust in your word Lord

I trust in your power

I believe you will guide  me to fulfill all my mission  Lord

Lord I believe you are changing me

I will not remain the same

I believe you are taking me to another level

I believe Lord you are molding me afresh

I believe Lord you are going to use me for the praise and glory of your name

I believe Lord you are giving me more wisdom to overcome challenges

I believe lord you are walking with me on my journey of life

I believe Lord you are giving me strength and determination to continue pursuing my mission and purpose in life

Lord I believe you will protect and preserve me

Lord I believe you will continuously bless me now and forever. Amen


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